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We offer our professional IT Helpdesk services to businesses on the Darling Downs. It is where we have extensive experience and expertise.

With our support scheme you'll be getting the same support structure as the big corporations have. We will look after your servers, workstations, network.  We'll be monitoring your servers and doing preventative maintenance so that you know that your data is always safe and secure. We will make sure that your backups always run. We will provide remote support as a part of the service as well.


We will maintain knowledge documentation and provide Disaster Recovery strategy for your business. We will work as your partner and if the disaster strikes we'll be there first to help you get your IT systems up and running as quickly as possible.


We are flexible. So if required we can provide 24/7 support.


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Here are some of the technologies we can help you with

Microsoft Server Operating Systems: Windows 2003, 2008

Microsoft Desktop Operating Systems: Windows 7, Vista, XP

Hardware Vendors: HP, IBM, Dell

Thin client: Citrix, Microsoft Terminal Services

Office software: Microsoft Office (2007, 2003, 2000, 97)

Please contact us if you require more information.

Home computer users are as important to us as the business ones. We are aware that many home computer users often don't know where to go to get their computers fixed.

We will come to you and fix software, hardware problems, network issues. We can remove virus, spyware, adware, trojan horses etc. We can upgrade your computer if required.

We aim to have your computer fixed within 24 hours from the moment you call us. It may not always be possible but we will do what we can to meet that deadline.

No job is too small for us! We offer you first class service and promise you will not be disappointed. This is a big part of our business philosophy. We value our customers.


Contact us for service or repairs.

In many cases we can help you without coming out to you if you prefer it that way. In fact we might be able to start working on your problem right now. That is possible only if your computer is still operational (even if the computer has a problem but it can still work) and you are connected to the Internet. If that's the case you can call us and we'll lead you through a couple of steps to let us connect to your PC. Then you can either leave it with us or, if you prefer, you can watch every move we make.


Some people have concerns about safety letting someone connect remotely. Sometimes there are grounds for these concerns. But in our case we can assure you that you are completely safe. All traffic between computers is encrypted so no one can access your computer apart from us. If you are still concerned please let us know and we'll come out to you.


Remote support doesn't involve any travelling. Obviously there are no call-out fees attached. You save money that way! And not just a dollar or two...


Remote support doesn't have any boundaries. It doesn't matter where you live - we will be able to help you.

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We service Highfields, Toowoomba and surrounding areas

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